Hastelloy D205

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Hastelloy D205

Super alloys have an ability to function in environments with high temperatures andsevere mechanical stressing, and also where high surface stability is required. They canbe strengthened by solid­solution hardening, work hardening, and precipitationhardening. They are found in different shapes. Cobalt­based, iron­based, and nickel­based are the three groups of super alloys.Hastelloy (r) D­205™ has good corrosion resistance and formability. The followingdatasheet gives more details about Hastelloy (r) D­205™.

%Chemical Composition

C Cu Mo Si Fe Cr Ni
0.03 2 2.5 5 6 20 64.5 – 64.47

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength (MPa) Tensile Strength (MPa)
338 786


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