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Haynes 214

HAYNES® 214® alloy (UNS N07214) is a nickel – chromium-aluminum-iron alloy, designed to provide the optimum in high-temperature oxidation resistance for a wrought austenitic material, while at the same time allowing for conventional forming and joining. Intended principally for use at temperatures of 1750°F (955°C) and above, 214® alloy exhibits resistance to oxidation that far exceeds virtually all conventional heat-resistant wrought alloys at these temperatures. This is attributable to the formation of a tightly adherent Al2 O3 -type protective oxide scale, which forms in preference to chromium oxide scales at these high temperatures. At temperatures below 1750°F (955°C), 214® alloy develops an oxide scale which is a mixture of chromium and aluminum oxides. This mixed scale is somewhat less protective, but still affords 214® alloy oxidation resistance equal to the best nickel-base alloys. The higher temperature Al2 O3 – type scale which 214® alloy forms also provides the alloy with excellent resistance to carburization, nitriding and corrosion in chlorine-bearing oxidizing environments.

%Chemical Composition

Mo Mn Co Fe Al Cr Ni
(max) 0.5 (max) 0.5 (max) 2 3 4.5 16 Balance
B C Zr Si Nb W Ti
(max) 0.01 0.04 (max) 0.1 (max) 0.2 (max) 0.15 (max) 0.5 (max) 0.5

Density & Melting Point

Melting Point (Celsius) Density
1400 (g/cm) 8.05


Average Hardness (HRBW) Form
100 Plate
94 Bar
98 Sheet


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