Haynes 230

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Haynes 230

HAYNES® 230® (UNS N06230) alloy is a nickel-chromium-tungsten-molybdenum alloy that combines excellent high-temperature strength, outstanding resistance to oxidizing environments up to 2100°F (1149°C) for prolonged exposures, premier resistance to nitriding environments, and excellent long-term thermal stability. It is readily fabricated and formed, and is castable. Other attractive features include lower thermal expansion characteristics than most high-temperature alloys, and a pronounced resistance to grain coarsening with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

%Chemical Composition

Mn Co Fe Mo W Cr Ni
0.5 (max) 5 (max) 3 2 14 22 Balance
B La C Ti Al Nb Si
(max) 0.015 0.02 0.1 (max) 0.1 0.3 (max) 0.5 0.4

Density & Melting Range

Melting Range (Celsius) Density
1370 – 1300 (g/cm) 8.97


Hardness (HRBW) Form
92 Sheet
92 Plate
90 Bar


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