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Haynes 617

HAYNES® 617 alloy (UNS N06617) is a nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy with a good combination of metallurgical stability, strength, and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. The alloy is readily formed and welded by conventional techniques. HAYNES® 617 alloy is use in applications such as gas turbines for combustion cans, ducting, and transition lines. For modern application, HAYNES® 230® alloy should be considered as a replacement.

%Chemical Composition

C Al Ti Fe Si Mn Mo Cr Co Ni
0.07 1.2 0.3 1 (max) 0.2 (max) 0.2 9 22 12.5 Balance

Density & Melting Range

Melting Range (Celsius) Density
1375 – 1330 (g/cm) 8.36


Hardness (HRBW) Form
88 Sheet
91 Plate
88 Bar


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