Incoloy 840

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Incoloy 840

ATI 840™ alloy is a titanium-and aluminum-bearing austenitic stainless steel offering elevated-temperature scaling resistance superior to conventional chromium-nickel stainless steels, such as Type 304. The oxidation resistance of ATI 840 alloy compares favorably with higher alloyed grades up to 1900ºF (1038ºC), making it a good candidate alloy for use in sheathing forelectric heating elements, automotive emission control systems, and other applications where resistance to elevated temperature degradation is important.

%Chemical Composition

Mn P C Si Cr Ni Ti Al Cu Fe
(max) 1 (max) 0.03 (max) 0.08 (max) 1 22 – 18 22 – 18 (max) 0.6 (max) 0.6 (max) 0.75 Balance

Mechanical Properties

Hardness (Rb) % Elongation Ultimate tensile strength (MPa) Yield Strength (MPa)
70 40 572 241


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