Stainless Steel 420

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Stainless Steel 420

Grade 420 stainless steel is a high­ carbon steel with a minimum chromium content of 12%. Like any other stainless steel, grade 420 can also be hardened through heat treatment. It offers good ductility in its annealed state and excellent corrosion resistance properties when the metal is polished, surface grounded or hardened. This grade has the highest hardness ­ 50 HRC ­ among all the stainless steel grades with 12% chromium.

%Chemical Composition

S P Si Mn Cr C Fe
(min) 0.03 (max) 0.04 (max) 1 (max) 1 14 – 12 (max) 0.15 Balance

Density & Melting Range

Melting Range (Celsius) Density
1510 – 1450 (g/cm) 7.8

Mechanical Properties

% Elongation Yield Strength (psi) Tensile Strength (psi)
25 345 665


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