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UDIMAR ® alloy 250 (UNS K92890 & K92940)

ultra-high strength, toughness and resistance to crack propagation. The alloy is well suited to applications where heat treatment distortion and dimensional changes must be minimized and where high fracture toughness is required, such as rocket motor casings, light aircraft landing gear, power shafts and low temperature tooling.

The 18% nickel maraging steels offer a unique combination of properties not available from conventional low alloy ultra-high strength steels. They offer high strength, high ductility and toughness, and resistance to crack propagation. Hardening is accomplished by a simple aging cycle of 3 hours at 900°F (482°C) followed by air cooling.

250 provides through hardening without quenching, freedom from decarburization, minimal distortion during aging, good formability, machinability, and weldability and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.


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